Massage services at hotels


Hattawej provides spa services at several luxury hotels, gym and offices including a vast variety:



*many different sort of professional massages

*yoga classes 



Our aim is to make every one of your guests feel like a Super Star.

For the last 8 years Hattawej has services some of the worlds most high-profile hotels in a variety of exotic locations:


. Some of Hattawej's clients: John Travolta, Viktor & Rolf, Madonna`s crew.

· Some of Hattawej's hotels: Andaz & W Hotel.

. Kleyton: Amstel hotel.


Front office manager or concierge calls Hattawej and make sure a masseur therapist comes to your hotel.

Our exclusive booking system garantees that our team of 25 professional therapists are on call to provide around the clock services to your guests: 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.


In case you are interested in having this service available. Please feel free to contact Hattawej on: 0623 336 011


Below is the list of some places Hattawej and Kleyton works with: