Kleyton Giglio


"I believe that an individual's health and beauty, both physical and spiritual, are inter-related. Massage sessions can provide the perfect environment for these to be nurtured as well as ease muscular tension and elevate mood."


I am Brazilian born, with an Italian background, and have lived in London, Budapest and Venice. I am now based in Amsterdam.


Languages spoken: English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Hungarian.


I am a person with strong leaning towards healthy lifestyles. My activities include regular fitness sessions, swimming, meditation and yoga.


I have treated many different types of clients ­ businessmen and women, sports men and women, dancers and stars. I hope you will join this group of satisfied and loyal clients.


I have always wanted to work with the human body, but it wasn't until I studied Massage Therapy and became a professional therapist masseur that I discovered what has now become the big passion in my life. I just love the satisfaction of helping people achieve a deep, therapeutic, relaxation of body, mind and spirit. Many of my early jobs were in office environments, and although I enjoyed them, I always felt there was something missing in my work life, and I am happy that through my work and training in Therapeutic Massage since 2008 I have now found a vocation which gives me as much satisfaction

and a feeling of well-being as it does my clients. But this is just the beginning - there is much more to come!



 •  Alternativ Pzichologiai Es Mozgasterapiai Kozpont - Hungary, Budapest 

 •  Reiki Level 1 & 2 - Holland, Amstelveen

 •  The Sunshine Network - Thailand, Chaing Mai 

 •  Ken Tui - Holland, Amsterdam